The Sale I Lost Due To Too Positive Body Language

This story is a quick one! Essentially I was at my manager’s desk when someone walked in; he looked over and said, “You handle this one.” My mind just wasn’t in the right space at that time; I felt rushed, or rather, pushed…But I went over to the guy, facing him square. He tried to ask a question but I re-situated my feet in the same spot to emphasize I wasn’t budging. And the lame part is that he wasn’t there asking about pianos- some random question. His frustration was evident, and he rubbed it in by turning away on the way out and saying, “Gee, thanks for the help.”

Ok, I admit, I may not have lost a piano sale but I sure lost some good worth of mouth – oops. Upon returning my supervisor kind of laughed with a surprised look on his face and said, “Wow, you looked on the defensive with him!” It was just one of those moments that wasn’t exactly good for the customer or me. But I must say, I never did that again because it didn’t even feel good – lol. And the bad part is that I think I tried to sell him a piano instead of answering his question. And that is a big no no when it comes to customer service.

This article has been written by pianist Ryan David Dwyer


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